Unofficial 2011 Tour DVDs

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As some of you already know and have downloaded already, due to my much more medically limited computer time these days, I opted to NOT wait until DVD2 was completed before making DVD1 available to download online, which I did last week.

You can find the link to the TPB torrent file HERE.
[5/16/12 edit: TPB might be up and running again by the time you read this, but it’s my understanding that the reason why my TPB link hasn’t been working is because they’ve been under a DDoS attack for the last couple of days, so connections to them have been sporatic at best. Just my luck that I upload my first torrent to them, and 3 weeks later they’re under attack. *facepalm* Good thing the legaltorrents folks approved Disc 1 when they did. Anyhoo, if you try TPB and it doesn’t work, that’s likely why. But the legaltorrents link below still works fine.]

[5/15/12 edit: Another option for those who don’t want to use Pirate Bay for whatever reason, the DVD1 torrent was also approved at, a site that specializes in, well, legal torrents  ;-) , so it can be downloaded from there as well. Link to that torrent is HERE. Both torrents work exactly the same, and actually, you can load the trackers from both and make use of whoever is seeding on BOTH sites and it will download faster that way. Just click on the big “download” button right in the middle of the page to start it.]

Streaming preview videos can be found on the Tour Project page (note, since the DVD has been a work in progress while I was uploading the preview mp4s, some of the dvd final edits may not be exactly the same as what’s on the project page; hopefully y’all will think the DVD versions are better. If they’re not, just say they are anyway, okay? ;-) )

Had tried really hard back in January to get it online in a way without having to resort to using TPB, but nothing was really working out (just as well, I ended up “new and improving” it since then, and unlike most “new and improved” things, I really like the way the new version turned out better, so my delay is your gain. ;-) Unfortunately, it IS on TPB, but keep in mind that TPB is only illegal if you’re sharing illegal stuff, of which this is not. So I’ll put up with it. :) When all was said and done, TPB turned out to be the easiest and best documented place to share something, so assuming nobody shuts them down in the meantime, I’ll be uploading DVD2 there as well.


John Barrowman Unofficial 2011 Tour DVD1 Menu2


“Great, you’ve uploaded the torrent file, NOW what do I do?”

Gotten several emails and tweets from people asking exactly that. Which, based on the unofficial poll I took earlier this year to find out the best way to get the DVDs out to people, I knew I’d be asked. The majority of folks opted to go with a torrent, and I know a bunch of you have already dived in and, despite the slow start when due to the time differences across the globe, folks trying to download weren’t finding any seeders, looks like there are at least a few people seeding it at any one time now, so hopefully the guestimated completion times of “2-3 weeks” are now a thing of the past.

But I know there are many of you who have never dealt with torrent files before, and do not have a clue as to where to start to get the DVD. So here goes nothing:

Step 1: Download and install a BitTorrent client, what you’ll use to actually download the DVD files themselves. I’ve used uTorrent for years, but there area many out there to pick from. Go with the one you like the best. However, if you get stuck, I’ll be able to help you better if you’re using the same client that I am, although since I think most work about the same, even if you DON’T opt to go with uTorrent, I can hopefully still figure out what’s going wrong. In any case, that’s the first thing to do, download and install per the instructions of the client that you’ve selected. Usually default settings work, so I wouldn’t tinker with those too much, unless you have problems.

Step 2: Go to TBP, and either search for John Barrowman, or just click here to avoid the illegal stuff that comes up in the search and go right to my torrent page. Click on “get torrent file”.

Step 3: This is where things get different depending on how you’ve got things set up on your PC. For me, uTorrent USED to just automatically come up with a window (click for sample pic in a new tab; and no, I am NOT downloading Sonic the Hedgehog illegally, I own all those already, lol) that says “add new torrent”, I’d click “okay” and off it would go. Now, it puts a the torrent file in the download bar at the bottom of my browser (using Firefox), then I have to click on that, tell it “open”, THEN the window above comes up for me to “add new torrent”, I click “okay” and off it goes.

At this point it should add the torrent to the list of torrents that you’re downloading, and once it gets going, if you switch to the “active” files, you’ll see it downloading there as well. Somewhere on the screen, it’ll show you percentage downloaded, and how much time you’ve got left to finish it. Time it will take will depend on how fast your internet connection is, how much bandwidth you allow it, and most importantly, how many people are seeding it (click above pic for sample screenshot in a new tab). If there are a lot of people seeding it, the download will go much faster, hence why it’s so important that once you get the whole 3.something GB DVD, you don’t just stop and close your client. In theory, once you’ve downloaded the entire thing (you’ll know you’ve got it because instead of percentage left to go, it’ll move it to the “completed” list and show it as seeding, as in the pic above), see that column marked “ratio”? We’re looking for that to say a minium of 1.000. That says you’ve seeded it long enough for at least one other person to get the whole thing, allowing THEM to continue to seed to a ratio of 1.0.

See how that works? Easy. No law that says you HAVE to seed to 1.0, but it is suggested, it makes the downloading faster for all. :)

When you’re done, you just have to find where it’s been saved to your hard drive, something that you can find in the “settings” of your torrent client, if you don’t remember off the top of your head where it downloaded to on your machine. You’re looking for a folder called “JBTour2011_Disc1″, and once you’ve found that, inside that folder should be another folder called “VIDEO_TS”. Open that, and you should see a confusing looking mix of 46 files with VOB, IFO, and BUP extensions (unless of course, you’ve left your file folders in what is Windows default state of hiding file extensions, in which case there will be some called “video_ts” and some called “vts_” and a bunch of numbers, withOUT any extensions. Mac people, hopefully you find something similar. I have NO idea how Mac directory stuff looks, I’ve always been a PC. :) ). The important this is that you’ve got 46 files, totaling 3.52GB.

Step 4 (and this is the fun part, playing it back! :) ): Ideally, you’ll want to burn the thing to DVD, so you can play it back on a standalone DVD player. But for starters, just to make sure it’s all downloaded okay, you probably want to play it back on your PC first. I highly recommend downloading and installing the free VLC Media Player. Once it’s installed, all you have to do is start it, then go to your VIDEO_TS folder noted above, then just drag and drop the entire folder onto the player window. What should pop up is the menu like at the very top of this page. You can click on “Play All” to play the whole first part of the show from start to finish, or click on “Select a Song” to go to the submenu (see above pic) and pick a specific song to play back. Click the arrow to advance to the second menu screen (see pic below). 

Step 5: Burning to DVD. This is something pretty basic, although that could be just because I do it for a living. ;-) But I’m going to wait til some of you get this far before going any further, in case in reality I don’t NEED to go any further. But if anyone needs help with that, holler. 

Meanwhile, for those who aren’t up for learning how do do torrents, keep reading, I’ve set up an alternative way to download the DVD. :)

 John Barrowman Unofficial 2011 Tour DVD1 Menu3

“But I don’t WANNA be a Pirate!” ~ Seinfeld

For those of you who don’t want to mess with torrents, and would just like to download the files the old fashioned way, I have uploaded the lot of them to RapidShare. It’s my understanding that RapidShare throttles their download speeds if you aren’t a paid member and there are a LOT of files, and some of the VOB’s are fairly large, so if you want to go this route and find the unpaid speed is too slow, now might be the time to buy into their one month plan. I’ve done it before, signed up just for the month to download a fan shot concert DVD at the higher speed and it worked out fine. Prices for a 30 day subscription are currently: 9.90 €, which in USD is around $12.95, and for those of you in the UK, that would be approximately 8.01£.

*Official disclaimer: No I don’t work for them, I get nothing if you do sign up, am not responsible if you DO sign up and have any issues, and I’m personally on their free plan myself. :) Just making this an available option if anyone wants to go this route.

You DO need ALL the files in the following list and have them set up in the correct directory structure for the DVD to work. And use of the RapidShare, or some sort of download manager, recommended, but not required.


Which includes: 30 BUP & IFO files (these are all fairly small and should go quickly) + 16 VOB files (the video files; the largest of these is 561MB) = 46 files total.

Reminder: Need ALL 46 files for the DVD to work. May want to “right click, save as” the text file, that way you don’t have to stay on this page if you don’t want to while you’re downloading the files.

*time passes, I u/l’d all of these in a half day, don’t have a clue how long the downloads will take, but –*

Oh, hey, you’re back! Got the files? Great, moving right along then. Now you need to set them up THIS way:

  1. Make a main directory, something like JB2011TourDisc1 (this can be any directory name you want)
  2. In that directory, make one called VIDEO_TS (this one HAS to be called this, and all in CAPS with the under_score in between)
  3. Then put all 46 files in the VIDEO_TS  folder

To play on your hard drive, I recommend the free VLC Media Player.

Open the player, drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder onto the player window, DVD menu should come up, and you can play the “DVD” back from there.

In conclusion…

That should be enough info to get you started. Got questions? Get stuck? I will do my best to talk you through any issues that you find.

Good luck! Enjoy, and squee long and loud while watching it. :D Hopefully it’ll bring back some great memories for those who were able to attend, and give folks like me who couldn’t at least a hint of what it might have been like to go.

Stay tuned for Disc 2. Just a few more songs left to go. And yes, there will be credits at the end. At this point I have no idea who contributed which videos, but if you uploaded them to YouTube, and I downloaded them to have them to pick from to make the DVDs, even if your video did NOT actually make the DVD, your name will be in the credits at the end. Because ALL videos that I saw on YouTube were much appreciated. Thank you again for uploading them.

6 comments on “Unofficial 2011 Tour DVDs

  1. Two quick things:
    One is “qBitTorrent” – if you install it (, follow your link to the legaltorrent site ( and click download, qBitTorrent comes up, starts downloading(*), and life is good.

    (*)Download starts after a click-through warning re: legality and a click-through reminding you how a torrent works, i.e., that people can/will upload from you too.

    Regarding playback: If you are running a Windows version that has Windows Media Center (as opposed to Windows Media Player) you don’t need additional software to play back the download on your PC. Or that’s how it worked for me, anyway. :)

    • I’ve actually got a media center PC, but don’t have a clue as to how to play back a DVD on my hard drive via the media center. It’s finding OTHER DVD files I’ve got saved, but not the tour DVD since I’ve got that stashed in a whole other directory. How do you tell it how to find it? Is there an “explore” option someplace?

  2. I’ve tried to do both, down load the pirate way but arrrrr, I couldn’t get that to work and the rapid share thingo, don’t know what I did but it didn’t’ work either – help, what is the easiest way to get this. I’ve an apple, does that make a difference?


    • Hi Pamela. I’m PC, so don’t know a whole lot about Apple stuff. But I’m thinking files should be files regardless. You DID download the Rapidshare files then? Assuming you’ve got all 46 of them, it may just be a matter of putting them in the right directory structure. What folder do you have them saved in? :)

    • I WAS going to send you to the other torrent site where it was downloadable, but for some reason, despite they are all about only sharing LEGAL torrents, they’ve taken all four of my legal torrents (including Disc1 of the JB DVD) down and closed my account. Just emailed them a very polite Why were they taken down and my account closed? email, so when they get back to me, and tell me that I can put them back up, I’ll have a link for you. Assuming they say I can put them back up, of course. And they should, since they already approved them once.

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