John Barrowman Radio Shows, Etc.

With the demise, for now, of Megaupload, I checked this page, and most, if not all, of the links to the audio files are all locally hosted links. So downloads from here should not be affected by the MU situation. If you find one that is not, holler and I’ll upload here. :)

Added May 31, 2012

Finally getting these added, had Magic999 since it aired but was playing with my new toy (my first Kindle) last night and didn’t get it online. Figured I’d wait and do that one along with Clyde 2 and Chris Evan Breakfast Show this morning. Crazy night last night. Started recording at 1:30am, got up at 4am to shut it off, got back up just after 6am to tiptoe past the geo-lock of Clyde2 and record that one. Then overslept a bit for work and got up just after 7 to shut it off. No WONDER I’m dragging butt today. :D But oh so worth it to hear JB with his Scottish accent on Clyde2. I was keeping my fingers crossed for all three of these, each time I got up to turn it off, I found the feed had already shut off some time prior and I’d been recording silence for quite a while. Fortunately, the only one I actually MISSED John on was the minute and a half of Chris Evans, the other two recorded fine. And Chris Evans was on listen again, so I just got it that way, once I found the 1:33 of it in the middle of, what was it, 3 hours?

Barrowman_Magic999_052912.mp3 (RT 8:40, 7.94mb)
Barrowman_Clyde2_053112.mp3 (RT: 12:55, 11.8mb)
Barrowman_BBC2_ChrisEvansBreakfast_053112.mp3 (RT 1:33, 1.42mb)

Added May 28, 2012

There were supposed to be TWO in the wee hours of the morning today, but one got postponed until tomorrow, so only have the one to upload from this morning, the one from Yorkshire Coast. Would really love if these geo-locked stations would SAY that they’re geo-locked, instead of just thinking and thinking and thinking like they’re going to start playing any second, but will never actually ever start. Thought it was a problem with Firefox at first, so went to Chrome, still didn’t work, no reason given in Chrome either, it just kept thinking and thinking and thinking. Got the wise idea to try and tiptoe under the “US listeners stay OUT” virtual barbed wire, and lo and behold it came up immediately. Go figure. 

So having NO idea what time the JB interview was supposed to start, just started recording at 1am ET for the 6am UK start time, and went to bed, with a tweet to PLEASE holler when this one was done, since this show and the Magic999 show actually overlapped. Several folks tweeted me when it was done, I’d set my alarm for 4am to check, so switched off Yorkshire Coast and started recording Magic999. Only to find out later that Magic999 got postponed until tomorrow. Oh well. At least it’s the only one in the AM, no conflicts with other shows. :)

Anyhoo, Yorkshire Coast was done in two parts, I edited them together and here be the result.

YorkshireCoast_052812.mp3 (RT: 11:30, 10.5mb)

Added May 27, 2012

Looks like the BBC radio airwaves are about to inundated with more Barrowman interviews. I knew another was coming up tomorrow morning, but here’s another that he apparently did last week. It aired in 2 parts, about 15 or so minutes apart, I’ve edited them together into a single clip. Talk of two Barrowman movies, including one coming to BBC America? Sweet!

BBCYork_052612.mp3 (RT 20:23, 18.6mb)

Added May 26, 2012
Two radio interviews done in the wee hours (well, wee hours HERE!) on 5/25/12

John is doing his little mini-tour in June, so looks to have started making the rounds of the radio stations to promote it. The DJ for Lancashire was SO apologetic when John got stuck in London traffic and was late getting to wherever he needed to get to to do the interview, and promised that he’d air the interview on Monday. Fortunately John got there in just enough time and the interview took place, just a smidge later than expected. :)

  BBCLancashire_052512.mp3 (RT: 7:21, 6.73mb)

  BBCManchester_052512.mp3 (RT: 8:43, 7.99mb)



Added March 3, 2012
FunKids Radio Hollow Earth Interview with JB and Carole 3/2/12

This started at 11am while I was at work this morning, so I would have completely forgotten about it had Teresa not tweeted about it in enough time for me to record it (ThankyouThankyou, Teresa! :) ). This is off the radio station’s Listen Live internet feed, not the podcast that’s currently available off the radio’s website via iTunes (but if you’d prefer that version instead – at 9:20 it’s a little shorter than my edit, but the audio quality is a little better – you can find it offsite here .)

This is the JB Edit version (and with less than 11 minutes of interview in a 60 minute segment, there was LOTS to edit out!), with all the songs and stuff NOT pertaining to John and Carole hacked out (so no, you will NOT find *oop! ack!* Hannah Montana in here, although it was tempting to leave in Jason Mraz, still like that song, makes me laugh after Craig Ferguson used it as the intro to his show once [clip is offsite here ] ); it’s all JB and Carole, along with all their intros and outros to each segment.

Barrowman_FunKidsRadio_030212.mp3 (RT: 10:50 – 9.92MB – Local Link)


Added February 18, 2012
Two more Radio Interviews for Hollow Earth .

These had a bit of an overlap; assuming that Oxford was one of the pre-recorded BBC interviews from last week that just found it’s way online this morning, and Graham Norton, I think they saved the best interview for last. :) Almost double the length of most of the rest of the interviews they did, and discussed quite a bit more than just Hollow Earth. :) And well, love Graham Norton anyway, the guy’s a hoot.

BBC Radio Oxford (RT 7:31, 6.88mb – local link)

BBC2 Graham Norton (RT19:24, 17.7mb – local link)


Added February 15, 2012
Still More Radio Interviews for the Hollow Earth Book Tour

First one left over from last week, available two ways:

BBC Radio Northampton_Paul Gadsby_020912.mp3
(Just the interview: 11 minutes, 10.1MB – local link)

BBC Radio Northampton_Paul Gadsby_020912_wBB.mp3
(Including the Bellamy Brothers’ version of Let Your Love Flow [loved that song looong before John sang it on the tour, so if you like it too, grab this version of the interview :) ] that they played before the interview: 14 minutes, 12.9MB – local link)

Then the two from this morning
(Loved that 5:30am wakeup call to record BBC Scotland *yawn*):

BBC Radio Scotland_021412.mp3 (RT 12:42, 11.6mb – local link)
Today FM_021412.mp3 (RT 12:23, 11.3mb – local link)


Added February 9, 2012
More from John And Carole’s Hollow Earth Radio Extravaganza

BBC Leicester_Gareth Evans_020612

BBC Radio Jersey_Carrie & Sara_020712 (I think this was the one that said that they were J & C’s EIGHTEENTH interview on Monday. Wow.)

BBC Radio 5 Live_Richard Bacon_020812 (Anyone record the webcam footage from this? Anyone? Bueller? Was at work, or I’d have saved it. *sigh* Oh well.)

BBC Radio Solent_KatieMartin_020812 (thanks to HaleyMcLintock for tweeting the station link to me for this one)
(This last one makes me laugh a little, I keep thinking “‘Solent’ Green is PEOPLE!” :D Plus the showgram tagline is “Loving life in the south with great music and special guests.” I’m living in ‘the south’ (North Carolina) and nobody HERE sounds like THAT! LOL))

BBC Radio Leicester_JimDavis_020912 (And no, don’t think this is the same Jim Davis that draws Garfield, lol Although would be a lot of fun if HE could draw something and have it come to life. There’d be lots of undertall orange tabbies around eating your lasagna. :D )


Added February 7, 2012
John And Carole’s 2/6/12 Hollow Earth Radio Extravaganza

Well, THEY were busy! I was at work for the whole lot of them, so had to pull up all the “Listen Again” links for each one after I got home tonight. Had a little trouble locating the BFBS interview, until I finally heard that George handled the interview, not Simon, and that Mal Pope was actually in Roy Noble’s time slot for the BBC Wales interview. :) The rest were easy.

But nuff said. Will let THEM do the talking. All interviews were around 10 minutes long, give or take; I’ve converted them all to mp3, just “right click save as” to save them.

[EDIT: If you d/l’d Newcastle and it was only 4 minutes, I’ve rerecorded and reuploaded it again. Should be complete now. Sometimes just NOT the multitasking queen. LOL)

    BBC Radio West Midlands with Joanne Malin
    BBC Radio Newcastle with Simon Logan
    BBC Radio Derby with Andy Potter
    British Forces Radio with George
    BBC Radio Sheffield with Paulette Edwards
    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcs with Tammy Gooding
    BBC Radio Manchester with Becky Want
    BBC Radio Wales with Mal Pope
    BBC Radio Norfolk with Stephen Bumfrey
    BBC Radio Ulster with Alan Simpson

  (It’s a bit late, so hoping all the links work, if not, just let me know. )


Added January 27, 2012:

BBC Radio 4 Extra:
Desmond Olivier Dingle’s Compleat Life and Works of William Shakespeare
From 1995

From the BBC Radio 4 Extra website:
“John Barrowman’s masterclass reaches a surprising conclusion about the Bard.

Not sure how much John is actually IN this, I was upstairs watching Jeopardy while I was recording it downstairs, so haven’t listened to the whole thing yet. But if someone comes back and tells me he’s in it “from here to here”, I’ll edit down to just his bit and upload that as well. Meanwhile, this is the entire half hour show.

JohnBarrowman_Desmond Olivier Dingle_Ep5_1995.mp3 (RT 28:58, 66.3MB, local link)


Added December 26, 2011:

Signal 2 Pre-recorded Boxing Day Interview

Uploaded this in two versions, the full half hour interview including the JB songs that introduced each segment, and the much shorter 12 minute version with just the interview portion. If I remember correctly, I think this was recorded back during what I like to think of as JB’s “Labor Day Promotional Extravaganza” (when he did that HUGE number of interviews that got aired at all hours of the night, that I got up for every… single… one… of… them… LOL) and saved to air at Christmastime. They did a nice job of making it seasonal, especially if it was the one that was recorded back in September.  

JB_Signal2_122611_full.mp3 (65.66 MB)

JB_Signal2_122611_justinterview.mp3 (27.45 MB)

Added October 10, 2011:

LBC Steve Allen In Conversation With…John Barrowman 10/7/11

LBC_SteveAllen_100711.mp3 – Just got back from seeing the fiance in Charlotte this weekend, seeing Weird Al Saturday night and going to the Renaissance Faire today, so haven’t actually heard much of this, just wanted to get it online before I finally went to bed. It’s from LBC 97.3 from October 7th.

Added October 7, 2011:

BBC5 Live Breakfast: Your Call

5LiveBreakfast_Your Call_100711.mp3 – An hour call in show in regards to gay marriage. This is just the JB edit from the point where John calls in, through the rather heated discussion with another caller, to the end of the show. May go back and listen to the entire show, but given that discussions about this particular subject are very bad for my blood pressure (I’ve gotten into it with people online who have tried to compare being gay to something a whole lot worse (don’t ask; I swear, though, the things people come up with… >:-( ) than this guy comparing it to stealing a car), for tonight I just skipped ahead to John’s part, so I could get it recorded and uploaded before I left for the weekend tomorrow morning (Goin’ down to Charlotte to see Weird Al tomorrow night, then spending the day at a Renaissance Faire on Sunday. Sweet! :D)

Added October 5, 2011:

John in Ireland: RTE Radio 1 with Pat Kenney &
TodayFM with Ray Foley (with a bonus working webcam! Sweet!)

AND also added (still the 5th for another hour! :) ):
RTE2 FM with Rick O’Shea.

RTERadio1_PatKenney_100411.mp3 My JBEdit of the radio show (interview and the live song)
(I’m sorry, but does anyone else think “Oh my God, You Killed Kenny! You BASTARDS!” when you hear this guy’s name? Or is it just me? LOL)

PatKenney_IOIATY_Live.mp3 Just John singing “I Owe It All To You”, live in the radio studio , edited from the JBEdit above.

TodayFM_Foley_100411.mp3 This runs a bit shorter than the video clip, since they kept the webcam rolling after they went to commercial and let us see handshakes and smooches and various and sundry photo ops. :) But since you can’t see any of that in the audio, I lopped the mp3 short.

RTE2FM_OShea_100511.mp3 – One of these “aired while I was at work” things, so I started it a half hour early as I left for work, and had to talk my mom through how to shut it off after it was over when she called me at work to find out how to do it. LOL. Loved that they played Magnificent by U2, and all those great ways to insult people. :D Oh yeah, and John was on there too. Listened to some great tunes while I hunted down the 6 or so minutes JB was on air within the 3 and a half hours I ended up recording (8:30-noon). :)

Added October 2, 2011:

BBC2 – Elaine Page Show Interview 10/2 & a one song mention on
The David Jacobs Show on 9/25:




Added September 18, 2011:

Gaydar Radio 9/10, BBC Nottingham 9/17, Isle Of Wight Radio 9/18

BBCNottingham_091711.mp3 :(“Knickers and socks all over the floor, it’s John Barrowman!” :D )
Isleofwight_hannam_091811.mp3 :Nice long mix of interview and songs, totalling just over 41 minutes.


Added September 11, 2011:
911 ribbon US Flag

Signal 2 w/Paul Fairclough, Rick Astley on Magic FM,
and Manx Radio w/Bob Harrison

I actually overslept this morning, was supposed to get up before 9am to set the PC and the laptop up to pick up Signal 2 and Rick Astley, but didn’t get up until 9:30. Fortunately, I don’t think the interviews with John actually aired until after I got up (whew!). And I even had the time to get my Carolina Hurricanes hockey tickets this morning as well. Ahh, multitasking, so much fun! :D

Signal2_091111.mp3 – This one was a hoot from a technical standpoint; they chopped up the interview and spread the four parts throughout the entire 4 hour showgram. So I ended up recording the entire 4 hours in pieces, and edited together the 4 segments back into one single interview.


RickAstleyMagicFM_091111.mp3 – I still have the audio file from last month on my laptop from when John was SUPPOSED to be on this show. LOL. Set it all up at my fiance’s house using his brand new wifi connection, got up early to record, and then found out after he wasn’t even on that week. And then to oversleep THIS time. Oy. But fortunately, the interview did NOT start until after I was already up and recording. So got it all and edited out all the Non-John stuff in between his two segments.


ManxRadio_091111.mp3 – At LAST! One solid block of interview. And got lucky that the Rick Astley interview finished just before 11am, when this show started, since I was running out of wifi devices to record with. Had my phone set up and ready, but then fortunately didn’t need it (the phone CAN record from the radio, but it’s a crapshoot whether I’ll be able to get the audio off the phone in a playable format. Sometimes it’s yes, sometimes no, so the phone is a last resort). Loved the part where John starts singing “…I won’t prune roses…” after much discussion about how UNromantic he is… :D

Next on the agenda will most likely be two new additions to the video page: John’s ITV infomercial thang that airs at 8pm ET tonight, and the 4am ET wakeup call for his QVC appearance to promote his new HIM skincare line.

Once again, getting up at the crack of early for John Barrowman. LOL.


Added September 10, 2011: Phil and Amy on BBC Tees
(And because I hate to just upload ONE, here are two slightly older ones now downloadable without having to go off-site to do it)

BBCTees_PhilnAmy_091011.mp3 – They snuck one in on me this morning. Been following up on the interview list on their news page, trying to catch the ones that were recorded earlier to be broadcast later, and some I’ve caught, but some of these BBC Listen Again podcasts give you NO idea who the guests are on the show for that particular show, and the Phil and Amy show is no exception. Thanks to @jbarrowman_org and @SnowJB for tweeting the link to this podcast this morning. Again, not just the SSDD interview, I liked the way they talked about when he had the part of the blond nazi in The Producers, haven’t heard that particular anecdote about them rehearsing in a parking lot in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood before. Oops. :D

These two have been hidden away on the video page, and uploaded originally off-site, so brought them over here to the audio page where they belonged, and added the onsite links for them.


JB_SteveWright_080311_JBedit.mp3 – and it’s because of THIS interview that every time JB does the key change in the middle of “I Owe It All To You” I chuckle silently to myself. The DJ thought the song was over, so starts talking over it, and then John just kept going, lol. Unfortunately he ended up cutting off the end of the song, but since then most of the interviews JB has done have played it through in its entirety. Still makes me laugh a little each time I hear it though. Sorry, Steve! :D

John’s interviews are scheduled to be on three other radio stations tomorrow. Will try to get those as well, but as my fiance’s Ticket Queen I have been tasked with going online and snagging us a pair of Hurricanes hockey tickets when they go on sale tomorrow morning, which I just KNOW is going to interfere with my quest to get the radio interviews that are going at the same time. Oh well, good thing I’m also Multitasking Queen. LOL.

Added September 9, 2011:

Big City Radio Davis, BBC5 Bacon, and Town102 James


Best interview of the three, IMHO. Mmm, Bacon! :D No, but seriously, this was a nice long half hour interview where they actually delved into things NOT related to TW or the new CD, like blood donation and the new “improved” UK requirements for gay folks. Not perfect (a year, really? Please!), but still better than what we’ve got here with the Red Cross (You can’t donate if “you’re a man who has had sex with another man since 1977 “!) It’s like a DejaJohnMoment every time I go in to donate my allowed every 8 weeks or so and read that. :-P Archaic. Oh. And hair dye, they discussed grey hair at the end as well. :) )


Added September 7, 2011:

Four more audio interviews from the
“John Barrowman Labor Day Weekend Promotional Extravaganza”

SwanseaSound, Bridge FM, BBC Merseyside, and BBC Sheffield







Added September 5, 2011:

JB has been all over the radio the last week promoting his new CD, the new tour, and Torchwood, and he’s still not done yet. But thought I’d go ahead and add what I’ve managed to capture and edit down so far. Had the fiance here for the weekend, so while I’ve got several more interviews that aired today recorded, only have 3 of the new ones trimmed down and uploaded so far. So watch this space for several more in the next couple of days.

Capturing all his interviews was a bit of a trip this weekend. Since they’re airing on the radio in the UK, and usually during morning shows, most of them aired HERE in North Carolina in the middle of the night. So I started with the Daybreak video on ITV1 that aired at 1am last night, snoozed a bit, got up just before 3am to pick up Swansea and Bridge FM, shut off Daybreak at 3:30am, snoozed a bit more, was up again at 5am to pick up BBC Devon and BBC Scotland, snoozed some MORE, but up again in time to pick up BBC London at 7am. Thought I was done until it was time to capture the QVC video at 2pm, until someone said that JB was going to be on BBC Sheffield very shortly. Was just finishing up with that when someone then tweeted that his BFBS interview was airing right then. Came in late on that, but then did find the right Listen Again link to go back and capture the whole thing. Still need to pick up Billy Butler on BBC Merseyside, but just plain ran out of time. Would put up more, but had very little sleep last night, and do have work in the AM, so need to finish these up later. I swear, I’m getting too old to be having these slumber parties with John Barrowman. LOL

Anyway, so for now, it’s just these three. Stay tuned for more, as well as the video from Daybreak and QVC on the video page .


BBCDevon_090511.mp3 – This one is a little unique in the fact that it’s the first interview that I heard that actually included the new song “Tonight’s The Night” instead of “I Owe It All To You”

BBCRadio2Scotland.mp3 – LOVED this interview. Naturally, speaking with fellow Scots, JB’s accent came through loud and clear on this one. And he talked a lot about his vacation and the dogs, and I thought it was just a really good interview. Of course I was half asleep at the time, so who knows, I might have imagined the whole thing. LOL.

BFBS_Radio2_090511.mp3 – This one was kind of unexpected. Thought I was done with the radio shows for the day, then someone tweeted about being on BFBS. Initially got there midway through the interview, but found the right Listen Again link, and was able to get the entire interview after all.


Added September 4, 2011:


(this aired last weekend, included JB’s new song, but the interview was from 2004)







And one stray one that I picked up last month, from an interview he did with Doctor Who Magazine, in regards to all the fallout from Jack’s sex scenes with other guys in the show.



Added September 16, 2010

Road Trip with Jo Whiley From July 2010, best known for playing Fireflies, Learn To Fly, and Poppiholla (“1,2,3,4,5,6,7…FABULOUS!” :D )
Also realized why JB probably doesn’t like Priuses… they don’t sound right when you try to go “tunneling” with them! LOL

John was busy last week, showing up all over the radio and TV.

Alan Simpson BBC radio interview, September 2010

Becky Want – BBC Manchester Interview, September 2010

Downtown Radio Belfast Interview, September 2010
(John, the Prius does NOT sound like a hairdryer on the freeway!… Well, okay maybe a LITTLE. But if you can hear it, it just means your music isn’t loud enough. LOL)

Nick Wright BBC Interview, September 2010. He played several of JB’s covers by the original artists. As always, John’s versions sound better.

Proms in the Park – Salford September 11, 2010: This should be both sets of John’s performance at Salford Saturday night.

Becky Want Interview at Salford Proms In the Park September 11, 2010: This should be her interview with John during intermission. Would have loved to see him in his suit and sneakers (worn so he wouldn’t get mud on his good shoes walking around backstage).

Sue Davies BBC Wiltshire Interview September 13, 2010 Liked when John guessed the musical by just a few lines of lyrics from the songs. :)

Kennedy Center performance from June 2002. Running time is nearly an hour, and has some really great songs in it. Description from the (where the original Real Video video is located): “John Barrowman, appearing in the Sondheim Celebration as Robert in Company, and who has starred on television’s Titans and Central Park West, on Broadway and London’s West End, performs songs from the Broadway canon.” The video I pulled the mp3 from can be found on the Kennedy Center website, or for those who don’t have Real Video installed and can’t play it there, I’ve converted to FLV and added it to my site here .

Also have two mp3 interviews pulled from two of the TV interviews he did last week as well:

Loose Women September 2010: Sayeth John – “I did it with the cream and I put on my undies and I left it for the day. That evening, I was getting ready for bed and I took my undies off and I took off a layer of skin with it. So, men – don’t do it on your things!” Ouch? LOL

The Seven Thirty Show September 2010 The show with the short lived goatee. I think it lasted just the one day, then it was a goner!


Added April 11th, 2010

Unusual Way (live, just the song, edited out from the Elaine Page show below)

Gaydar Radio Interview – March 8, 2010

Heart Breakfast Interview – March 2010

Magic Indulgence Hour – an older one from Jan. 2008, just the interview portion, so the “hour” is closer to 18 minutes. ;-)

Night and Day – from the De-Lovely soundtrack

The Doctor and I.mp3 – pulled from the mp4 video on YouTube

Added April 5th, 2010

Elaine Page – Sunday, March 14, 2010 – 21.35MB

Steve Wright – Prerecorded, air date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 – 13.33MB

Magic FM’s Indulgence Hour – Prerecorded, air date: Sunday, April 4th, 2010 – 51.69MB

John did a whole pile of radio interviews in the week before (most of them all on the same day, it looks like) his new CD was released. Didn’t manage to catch all of them, but did save a few. Figured that by the time people in the US started discovering him when he shows up on Desperate Housewives in the next month or so, and went looking for stuff about him on the internet, most of these streams would be off the air.

So thought I’d save them for posterity for the latecomers. ;-)


Chris Moyes Show from 2/23/2010
Was I the only one that found a couple of the DJs to be a little snide in this one? They clearly weren’t into J’s music at all, and all out made fun of it at a few points. *pththt* Or maybe I just don’t get British humor. I guess any publicity for a new CD is good publicity when all is said and done.


10.30am BBC Radio Scotland ( Fred MacAulay Show ) from 2/24/2010.
I like this one because since it’s actually BBC Scotland, John does it with his Scottish brogue. Ooooh! :)

11.20am Swansea Sound ( Leighton Jones Show ) from 2/24/2010

2.00pm BBC Wales ( Roy Noble Show ) from 2/24/2010
I actually found this one to be the hardest interviewer to understand, with his really thick Welsh accent.

3.45pm BBC Manchester ( Becky Want Show ) from 2/24/2010

10.00am Woman’s Hour , BBC Radio Four from 2/25/2010

2.00pm Richard Bacon Show , BBC Radio 5 Live from 2/25/2010

12.30pm Gerry Kelly’s show on BBC Radio Northern Ireland from 2/27/2010
Wasn’t this the one where the guy was going to post some early pics of John from back in the day? Will have to go check to see if those ever made it online…

11.00am Weekend Wogan show BBC Radio 2 from 2/28/2010
This was probably my second favorite. Terry Wogan is a funny guy. Introduced JB as “John Barrowperson”, and went on to say
“You’re an unfamilar face to us, now you’re going to make yourself all
(JB: – unfamilar to the states) over America, like a RASH . Desperate Housewives is a terrific series, how dare you…” LOL.

14 comments on “John Barrowman Radio Shows, Etc.

    • Yeah, it does. That’s what I get for doing two things at once. Should be fixed now. Of all clips to lop off at the end, the one where he comes back after the song and says they weren’t happy when he said that John “just shoves his name on the front cover” of the book. :-O Should be complete now. :)

  1. Hello and thank you for your good work :)

    I have to tell you that the last radio plays that you’ve put online doesn’t work for me. It just stops and nothing is happening. It would make me really happy if you could fix it :)

    • Which one specifically doesn’t work for you? Thought maybe it was the last of the new bunch, Ulster, but that one downloaded just fine for me, so not sure which of the others I need to fix. Thnx!

  2. You don’t, by any chance, have the full ‘BBC5 Live Breakfast: Your Call’ show? It’s not really good for my blood pressure either, but I really want to listen to it!

    • Knew I had the full BBC5 Live Breakfast show, just had to track it down. Found it and uploaded it this AM. Don’t have it linked on the page yet, but it should be (assuming the HTML tag works right in the comment area, not tried this before) here, if you want to d/l it. Runs an hour, is 137mb. :)

  3. Hello!
    I just want to say thank you for all your work. I live in Hungary so I don’t have a chance to hear these wonderful interviews. Thank you very much. By the way, I’m sorry for my English, I just learn it. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for all the awesome videos and interviews you have uploaded on this site :)
    I was wondering if you know where I can listen to the Friday night is music night concerts which JB has hosted and/or sang in.

  5. I was wondering if someone could help me find an interview. I’m pretty sure John was talking to Chris Moyles and they were talking about different types of musicals and theater plays that they wanted to see or ones john wanted to act in

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