My Unofficial YouTube Tour Project

My Unofficial John Barrowman
YouTube Tour Project

I started putting together a “Best of YouTube” tour DVD during the tour LAST year, but then JB released the official DVD from the RAH, so I gave it up.

Alas, no tour DVD this year :cry: , so I jumped in and started putting one together as soon as video clips started showing up on YouTube after the initial Northampton concert. And by the last week of the tour, there was at least one clip from each song in the setlist, including a few extras that were only done at select concerts. So needless to say, I’m pretty stoked to be able to include at least SOMETHING from every song on the dvd.

In theory, the end result should be a video made up of the best of the clips that you folks who saw the tour uploaded to YouTube. Not everyone’s clips will make the DVD, unfortunately; some were formatted in such a way that they just wouldn’t play well in full screen. But for those of us who YouTube was the only way we could see the tour, they were oh so appreciated and *squee*d over anyway. :)

And for all of you who shot and uploaded clips in 720 or 1080 HD format, THANK YOU! They look fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! A LOT of those are the primary clips that I used to build the foundation for each song, fitting the other clips in and around those.

I’ve got the basic editing done on all but about 3 songs, but am wanting to fine tune them a bit more before uploading them here. But do have a couple so far that one could put a fork in, they’re done. :) And will add more here as I finish them.

EDIT: Download links to the mp4s now added to the page, for anyone who wants to download the website clips before I finish the full dvd.

12/28/11: EDIT: Looks like the DVD is turning into either a 2 disc set, or a one disc Dual-Layer disc. Never actually burned a DL disc before, so we’ll have to see if I can pull that off. :)

12/29/11 EDIT: But in the meantime, since I’ve got all the videos that would fill a Disc 1 done, I went ahead and burned Disc 1 of the set this afternoon, and test drove it on the three DVD players we have in the house. OMSqueeee! So THAT’S what JB in concert looks like at full screen. Never played the two official DVD’s back on my TV, so this is the first time I’ve actually seen him singing THAT big in my living room. *fans self* It plays rather funny in one of my DVD players, so will take it to D’s house this weekend and make sure it plays okay there before uploading the finished DVD files anywhere.

1/19/12 EDIT: Looks like the vote is in, torrenting the DVD seems to be a winner by a landslide. MAY have a way worked out to keep it off the more piratey sites (although DID set up an account with one, just in case), but need to test drive it on my very old, very slow laptop to make sure the works before I put it out for the general public to download. Thought I had it ready last week, but then I had to do a browser update on the laptop for it to work, then a reboot, and it takes SO long to reboot, I just shut it down. Haven’t turned it back on yet to actually test drive the process yet. :) Still editing Disc 2 though, no worries.

Also, sorry the mp4 download links are dead, as you’ve probably all heard, Megaupload got taken offline by the feds this afternoon. But if you can work your way into the source code of this page to find the URLs, I’m using the same files to stream here; they’re downloadable that way. :) Leaving the existing links for now; it’s my understanding that the site just got taken off-line, that doesn’t mean the files were deleted from the MU server. If MU wins the lawsuit and goes back online, in theory, the links should still work.

1/23/12 EDIT: Started replacing the MU download links with working onsite links. If a d/l links says “local link” next to it, it should work. Not many yet, was up too late last night working on the QVC page, so need to crash early, but the three newest videos at the bottom of the setlist have local links now.


Celebration: Opening song of the night, and as such, had limited choices as people were fine tuning the settings on their cameras. Not sure how well some of these will fly on a DVD; JB is rather “hot” in a lot of these (no squeeing, guys, not THAT kind of “hot”! Badumbum! LOL ) but they definitely still give you an idea of how the song went. And it’s still the whole first track of the show, from opening curtain to the end! Sweet! 8-)

Celebration_v2.mp4 (41.19 MB)


Listen to the Music:  This was probably my favorite song that JB did in Season 3 of Tonight’s the Night. Well, up until he did Electric Dreams in the 2nd Best Of episode earlier this month. Now it’s a tie. :) Definitely one of my favorite songs from the tour as well. And not just for JB’s booty shake mid song that made everyone squee, either. :D

02_Listen_V2.mp4 (50.86 MB)


Mandy: Once again I split the video into “Intro” and “Song”; the clip clocks in at around 10 minutes, and just about half of that is introduction. And for the intro I again was forced to chop it up a little to keep some of the best bits intact from something like three different shows, so hopefully it still flows reasonably well. The song is just the opposite; used footage from just two really clear HD clips, but edited it as little as possible, opting to just let JB’s singing be as uninterrupted as possible. Would have left it as one single clip, except he didn’t hold “that note” as long in Watford as he did in Glasgow, and I HAD to get that. Leather Lungs INDEED! Such a showoff! :D Great fun to watch the veins pop out in his neck while he’s holding that note, lol.



03_Mandy_V2_Intro.mp4 (91.75 MB)
03_Mandy_V2_Song.mp4 (67.97 MB)



Eurovision Medley: Another one that I didn’t care for at first, but has really grown on me. It’s all I can do to NOT boogie to it when I’m behind the wheel when I’m driving. :D Wish I could include multiple clips from when the J4s are begging to be allowed to perform. I like some of the dialogue of one clip better, but could not pass by the clarity of the video from another so ran with it, even though “digestive biscuit” sounds SO much less appetizing than “pumpkin pie” when JB is putting in his food request. LOL. And sorry for the variations in the clips in the opening intro, there was just NO way to sync JB’s Scottish accent & tempo with his American one. So I edited them together as best as I could. :)

Divided the clip into two parts, since there’s a lot of intro and I know some of you would prefer to get right to the songs (the dvd will have a chapter break, so you can jump right to the song that way. :) )



04_EurovisionMedley_v3_intro.mp4 (55.36 MB)
04_EurovisionMedley_v3_song.mp4 (128.58 MB)
04_EurovisionMedley_v3.mp4 (183.46 MB)


What About Us: Finished editing “What About Us” last night, uploaded it overnight, have a little extra time to add it to the page this AM. Pretty basic, no intro, and just a couple of edits to keep JB in frame more than just one clip could do. Do have a nice overlapping crossfade that I squeed when I saw the effect. One of Bob Ross’s Happy Little Accidents, I guess. :) Based on the setlist, looks like “And I Love You So” should be next on the editing agenda tonight.

05_WhatAboutUs_V2.mp4 (60.42 MB)


And I Love You So: HAD this uploaded Saturday night, but then played back the song part of it again, didn’t like the edit, so redid it. Finally got it to how I liked it yesterday, and RE-uploaded it again last night. Again, split it into Intro and Song, since the full clip runs nearly 10 minutes, and more than half of that is the intro. :) One of my favorite intro bits is when John keeps cracking up over how unforgiving Glasgow is and is trying to segue into the song and says: “…someone who’s just really HOT, give ‘em a big GROPE!…” :D And he seemed to be looking off to one side a lot during the song, was he singing to Scott?



AndILoveYouSo_V3_Intro.mp4 (94.64 MB)
AndILoveYouSo_V3_Song.mp4 (63.41 MB)
AndILoveYouSo_V3.mp4 (157.99 MB)


Rhinestone Cowboy: I really REALLY love that John got Scott up on stage to sing this with him. Not just once but twice. I think my favorite version is probably Cardiff, since it definitely seems a bit more off the cuff than in Glasgow. The apprehension on Scott’s face while he’s standing there waiting for John to tell him what he’s doing up there is priceless. As is the “Oh no, no, no…” that we hear him say once he realizes what John has in mind for him. The fact that he didn’t run off in sheer terror just shows to go you how much he loves John. Or maybe that he was too freaked out to move, kind of that paralyzed “deer in headlights” sort of thing, lol. In any case, I loved it. Makes me smile every time I hear it. Also great is getting to that midpoint of both songs and watch Scott cut loose and just BELT it out. So squee-rific! Go Scott! :D

Didn’t even try to edit together Cardiff and Glasgow into a single clip; the two performances didn’t really fit well as one clip, as well as the fact that since Scott is wearing two different outfits, I thought it would have been a bit distracting to try to put them together. Anyone know if Scott, probably knowing he was going on stage again, wore blue in Glasgow to match John that night? :)

Not TOO much editing involved with these; when each one was only done at a single show, there aren’t too many clips to play with. :)


(69.67 MB)


Rhinestone_Glasgow.mp4 (71.25 MB)


Think (Freedom)/Respect & Umbrella – Jodie Prenger: I know, you were probably all expecting Rhinestone Cowboy since that one was next in the queue, but I KNEW Jodie’s first two videos were done already, so opted to go ahead and upload both of hers first. And look what else got done tonight as well, so hopefully I’m forgiven? ;-)

Think (Freedom)/Respect:

Jodie_Think_Respect.mp4 (64.51 MB)



Jodie_Umbrella.mp4 (69.46 MB)


I Owe It All To You (Song starts at 1:40-ish): Lots of good clips for this song, with several different angles, so I found myself using footage from several different shows putting together the edit for this song. And I tinkered around with a few FX again on this one, so if you notice that a few of the videos look a bit different than they did on YouTube, you’re probably right. :) Sorry, can’t help it, this geek is just a sucker for editing toys… PS: Anyone want to own up to being the person singing along in one of the clips? ;-) I do that when I’m shooting video at concerts too.

I Owe It All_V3.mp4 (80.32 MB)



Firework (Song Starts at 4:06): When JB did this song on Tonight’s The Night, I initially wanted to gouge out my eardrums; had just come back from vacation and the radio stations in New York had been playing Firework incessantly. After only a couple of days in NY, I was sick to death of it. Funnily enough, while working on this edit, JB’s version has actually become one of my favorite songs from the tour. Whoda thunk it! :) Love JB’s reactions while he’s watching himself on screen here, lol.

Firework_V4a.mp4 (111.88 MB)


Greatest Day (Song Starts at 1:25): So many clips, so little time. LOL. Another great song to play with. Opted to trade in a few HD shots in favor of a few that focused a little more on the J4s in one or two of the earlier shows, it seemed a little more intimate than some of the later shots with the big ole choir. :) And I liked the shots where JB is interacting with Matt and the band. :) Think it fit together reasonably well. I hope.

Greatest Day_V3.mp4 (90.04 MB)

(and actually, this is where the DVDs will split as well; the next three songs fit on the first DVD, but I thought “Why? Split it where HE splits it!” :) )

Tonight’s the Night: Long clip this time, the song starts first (it’s the first 2 or so minutes only of the clip), then JB goes into the video segment about the international versions of Tonight’s The Night. Once again I alternated between Scottish John and American John while he’s talking, so tried to make the transitions as smooth as possible. Then I split it off when he seemed to switch gears into talking about Palm Springs and going “Downtown”, so that will be part of the NEXT clip that I do.

TTN_V2.mp4 (101.78 MB)


You Raise Me Up: Not all the videos will have all the bells and whistles of this one, like the zooms and the picture in picture thang, but it was the only way I could think of to NOT lose either JB singing OR the background montage when they were going at the same time. So I put them both up at once. :)

YouRaiseMeUpa.mp4 (87.56 MB)


(Happy Birthday John’s Dad)
Shake Your Tail Feather – Jodie Prenger
Fields of Gold – Jodie Prenger
So Close (Duet with Jodie Prenger)  
September/Holiday Medley

Hollywood (song starts at 2:16): Another song that was a slow starter for me, but one I really love now. This may be become THE favorite of mine from the tour. Finally burned the audio to a car CD yesterday, ended up singing this song literally the ENTIRE way to work this morning. REALLY love it.

Hollywood_V3a.mp4 (96.27 MB)


Winner Takes It All (song starts at 3:16 [hmm… John 3:16, isn’t that an oft quoted bible verse? ;-) ]): Lot’s of clips to choose from this time, I think I used videos from FIVE different shows to get an edit that I liked. Gotta love a video that starts out with JB announcing that he’s farted. :D Then he proceeds to try and put “Winner” on the WRONG album. Some great opening footage including Matt Brind this time (edited it to pull him into the frame a bit more; I really love some of his arrangements, including this one). Also includes the infamous cell phone pause and the “turn off your bloody phone” comment at the end. And some of the best close up footage of JB I’ve seen on YT from the tour – sharp, clear, well exposed, great color – except for one small problem, it was SIDEWAYS! I gave it a flip and made some adjustments, I think it KINDA works. :) TRIED to keep the same audio throughout, but there were a few places where it just wouldn’t sync quite right between shows, so tried to at least make it sound similar via a filter when I had to change it.

Also including his Glasgow “Thank You”s to the crew at the end of the song.

WinnerTakesItAll_V2A.mp4 (166MB –  local link)


Scottish Trilogy – Only four clips to play with here, two from Edinburgh and two from Glasgow. Tried to level out the volume and quality a bit between clips but they just sounded SO different. Gave it my best shot, though. Bits of note: How he looks like he chokes up part way through the clip (Awww…), the brief shot from behind that someone got of Scott and JB’s parents in the audience, and did someone actually catch John’s snot-rag at the end? Ewww. LOL.

ScottishTrilogy.mp4 (94.09 MB –  local link)



I Am What I Am

Intro: Starts off a bit out of focus (does he remind anyone else of a walking, talking disco ball? ;-) ) right from the point where the Scottish Trilogy ends, with someone catching the towel he blew his schnoz on. :D Continues while JB ogles Dave while he moves some stuff around on stage. Anyone want to fill me in on exactly what was happening there? The video didn’t quite catch it. Then he goes on about his “poof” moment. :)


Song: Includes where he interrupts the flow of the song after someone hollers she loves him. “… Give me the hook … ooh, still in tune!” :D Used some more footage that was shot longways, but, it was shot from the front row, which we didn’t see a lot of, so since JB was right there shaking hands with people, I kept it in. :)

These are links to the videos here, can you download (ie: right click save as) from these okay?

IAmWhatIAm_V2_Intro.mp4 (32.5MB –  local link)

IAmWhatIAm_V2_Song.mp4 (63.1MB –  local link)


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  1. Good, glad it worked. When I get more time (fiance is up for the weekend), now that I know the onsite download links work, I’ll go back and change the others. :)

    • I know. They’ve not worked since megaupload got closed down. I added a note to the page back in January to that affect. :)

  2. Hi Karen,

    Is there anywhere I can download Hollywood from now Megaupload is down? I got all the others before they went but I’d love to add this one.

    ALso do you think you will ever do YMCA or September/Holiday? If not I’ll have a go as I would like to burn a DVD of the rest, but I have nothing like your skills!


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