JackFest – UKTV Australia

“JackFest” – UKTV Australia

Had no idea that when I set up the original batch of JackFest clips that there would be so many more coming, so I’ve decided to give them their own page and their own spot on the menu. Jackfest 2 and 3 have been uploaded, just haven’t gotten them linked yet. Working on it and thank you so much for your patience. :)


Added 2/5/12

Hallelujah! I was wondering if someone was going to record and share this. I hunted online in the hopes of finding a live feed of UKTV like I do with the BBC stations, but was unable to do so. So many MANY thanks to Anne and Annie in Australia for burning this to DVD and for Zena at LiveJournal for sharing it with us! John’s got some of the coolest fans in the world. :)

Sounds like there may be some repeat segments in some of the clips (with all the recent JB appearances, I’ve just jumped right into tinkering/uploading without viewing a lot of things yet) but I’m leaving everything as is except to reformat to mp4 for the site.




EDIT: Just got the go-ahead to post the links to the mp4s and the original downloads to the site, so here they be:

For those who like the mp4s:

Video 1 (620mb, RT 38:46 – Local link)
Video 2 (102mb, RT 6:23 – Local link)
Video 3 (25.4mb, RT 1:35 – Local link)

For those who’d rather have the original DVD files:

Part 1 and Part 2


Part 1 and Part 2

(The DVD files are offsite links, uploaded by someone else. I know you need to have all of Part 1 and Part 2 to make the DVD; do NOT know if you can mix and match First part 1 with Second part 2 or vice versa. I downloaded from first pair of links, and they worked just fine for me.)