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John Barrowman:
Various & Sundry Guest Spots

There will definitely be more to follow; I’ve got lots to sort through and move over from the old site, but since these clips were new and easily accessible, went ahead and uploaded.

Added March 3, 2012 – BBC1
JBEdit of S08E04 Episode of “Hustle”

Can’t believe I forgot to add this one. So many appearances in so many places in so short of time, plus I needed to sit down and edit it down to make it better for streaming online (original ep was 58 minutes, the JB Edit is about half that, split into 3 clips.) Definitely had a good laugh at the southern tv evangelist accent that John used for most of it, half expected Tammy Faye Baker to come out of the woodwork at some point. :D

But yeah, this is very VERY similar to the TNT series with Timothy Hutton that we have here called “Leverage”.

Part 1 - This takes us through the initial heist, and includes several of JB’s informercials. Anyone else reminded of the Vitameatavegamin episode from “I Love Lucy”?


Part 2 - Planning and scheming the second part of the scam.


Part 3 - 2nd part of the scam executed and everyone getting what they deserve, lol.

Hustle_s08e04_JBEdit_1.mp4 (RT: 11:23  – 463MB – local link)
Hustle_s08e04_JBEdit_2.mp4 (RT: 8:38  – 352MB – local link)
Hustle_s08e04_JBEdit_3.mp4 (RT: 7:35  – 309MB – local link)


Added February 21, 2012 – BBC2
“Watson & Oliver” – the JB Edits

Have yet to actually watch the entire show, but here’s John’s bits, his intro with all of his *ping*ing sparkly teeth, and THAT SONG! :D The whole bit is good, but naturally, gotta love the part when he goes over the top after “Key Change!” Too funny.

Anyway, split this into the intro clip, and the song clip, and converted the song into an mp3 as well, it’s DEFINITELY one to add to the Barrowman music collection. Already added it to my phone. :)


(When John started singing “I’ve never seen a face, As perfect as the one I’m seeing now…” I REALLY expected him to pick up the hand mirror and start singing the song to HIMSELF. :D )

Barrowman_WatsonandOliver_Intro_022012.mp4 (RT 4:24; 37.3mb)

Barrowman_WatsonandOliver_Song_022012.mp4 (RT 3:49; 32.4mb)

Barrowman_WatsonandOliver_Song_022012.mp3 (8.27 mb)

[Pops over to the other page to add the latest QVC clips, humming “… I can act and I can sing…” all the while…]


Added February 18, 2012 – BBC2
“Watson & Oliver” Behind the Scenes

Very surprised to find this one was NOT region locked, since nearly everything that is BBC that ISN’T radio is almost always region locked. Will go ahead and include it here, in case they eventually realize that it’s unlocked, lol, and lock it back up tight again.  Some funny stuff here, can’t wait to see the entire episode. (Loved the bit with the sparkly *PING!* grin, reminded me of Frances Strider of TTN fame. :D )


Added February 15, 2012 – CBBC
“12 Again – Episode 1″
Old School JB in “Live and Kicking”

Thanks to the folks on LJ who pointed out that John got a mention towards the end of this episode. His bit runs just a smidge over a minute, and it’s actually kind of funny, they’re giving him grief about his “horrendous” sense of style back then, lol. That one shirt IS so loud it hurt my ears, but on the whole, early Barrowman style isn’t THAT bad. ;-)

Don’t have a clue who any of the people are that they’re interviewing for this show (either in ep 1 OR ep 2 so far), so will be relying on other folks to watch this and let me know if he’s ever on it again. If so, I’ll add it here! :)

JB_12Again_LiveandKicking.mp4 (RT 1:03, 11.6mb – local link)


Added 1/30/12
The Story of Musicals – the JB Edit

Acquired all three parts of The Story of Musicals, and after just a brief 2 second teaser in the intros to the three shows, JB’s main bits took place in several places during Episode 3. Total running time? About a minute and a half. :) But love his giggle in the first bit.

The Story of Musicals_BarrowmanEdit.mp4 (RT 1:32, 24.8MB – local link)



7 comments on “TV Guest Spots

  1. So damn cute! Loved this series actually decided to keep the whole thing :) Do you have “The Sound of Musicals” uploaded anywhere? Have only seen pieces of that show, would love to see the whole thing.

  2. Hi Happy Hybrid. Just found your site yesterday – blown away by how much you’ve been able to collect! Serious KUDOS to you for that. – Like Susan – though – I’d love to be able to see the whole thing, since it’s unlikely to be shown on my national television – soon or even ever! Also do you have a twitter account? I’d love to be able to follow when you’ve uploaded more goodies. Finally – congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Three cheers from Denmark

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