John Barrowman: Tonight’s The Night Season 3

John Barrowman: Tonight’s The Night Season 3

Congratulations to JB on the completion of another great season of Tonight’s The Night on BBC1! I was going to say “Enjoy your time off!”, but based on your tweets, I know you’re already doing that! :D

Now that the season is done, I can officially say that the Doobie Brothers song from Episode 5 is still my favorite song from the show. Although hearing John pull the theme song from the 1984 movie Electric Dreams out of the archives for the second “Best of” show comes a close second. Loved that movie, love that song. :)

Newly Added 12/06/11:
JB’s performance from the second
“Best Of” Tonight’s The Night show
Airdate: 12/03/11

“Electric Dreams”


Found the original soundtrack video from the movie on YouTube after TTN aired on Saturday, and you can find the movie itself on either Usenet or via torrent download (or if you’re old like me, on ancient VHS, lol).


Newly Added 11/19/11:
JB’s performance from the first
“Best Of” Tonight’s The Night show
Airdate: 11/12/11

“Life is A Roller Coaster”

Tried to snag this clip from an AVI that I downloaded, but the audio was off a smidge. So I went back to the and edited down the video capture from the live internet feed from when the show was on that afternoon and used that for the clip instead. Gets the job done. :)


Was just going to do the one video today, but kind of got on a roll and ended up adding all the Season Three videos back to the page as well. They’ve been uploaded for at least a week, but just hadn’t had a chance to make them into something playable. Hopefully everything works on the page; as always, since things can get lost in a move, if anything is broken, please let me know.


Episode 6, Airdate 8/13/11

Final episode of the regular season, although I understand there are two compilation shows – with some new performances included as well – to be aired, dates as of yet unknown, so will be keeping my eyes open for those. In the meantime, maybe I can make some more progress on the Virtual Tour 2011 site. :) Would have added these a little sooner, but I’ve been working on my vacation DVD this weekend, and well, I shot a LOT of video the week I was gone! :D

Can’t Smile Without You

Can’t Smile Without You MP3 (right click, save as to download)


Don’t Stop

The outfits on this one still remind me of the lighted jackets that Bono and U2 wore during the 360 tour. The only thing missing from it was the laser beams shooting out from John’s suit. ;-) Not a bad thing though, never hurts to have a little bit of electric sparkle.

Don’t Stop MP3


Episode 5, Airdate 8/06/11

And after being home one week from a week’s vacation, I was gone AGAIN last weekend, down at the fiance’s house to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria” on Saturday and “Cowboys and Aliens” on Sunday. So once again having to play catch up on JB’s Tonight’s The Night clips. :) JB and Scott may be on vacation, but this fangirl is still hard at work. LOL

The Rose

The Rose mp3 (right click, save as to download)


Listen To The Music
(Loved this number. But then, I’ve always loved this song from when the Doobie Brothers sang it. :) )

Listen To The Music.mp3 (right click, save as to download)


Episode 4, Airdate 7/30/11

Been home a week now, still trying to play catch up on all my video stuff (shot about an hour of footage at the U2 show that I’m STILL editing to make my usual DVD.) But was home yesterday to get my hands on TTN Ep 4 so you’re not having to wait two weeks to see it.

(JB really must like this song, sang it at the Kennedy Center too. ;-) )


(heard this a ZILLION times on the radio in NY, just about fell over when JB did it yesterday.)

Episode 4 MP3s (11.41 MB)



Episode 3, Airdate 7/23/11

By this time heading BACK home from being gone the week, having seen Spiderman Turn Off The Dark, watched the Mets beat the Cardinals at CitiField, and seen U2 blow the roof off of New Meadowlands Stadium in Jersey (well, they WOULD have, had the stadium actually HAD a roof to blow off, lol) during their stop for the 360 tour. But topping all that, right around the time that TTN was actually airing, I was being proposed to in Rhode Island. :D

Love Me For A Reason


Greatest Day (why, yes, yes it WAS!)

Episode 3 mp3s (10.76 MB)



Episode 2, Airdate 7/16/11

Officially back from my week up north, so have some catching up to do. Right around the time this one aired back on the 16th, I think I was stuck in a traffic jam on I-95 (who the hell closes one of two lanes on a major interstate on the middle of a Saturday afternoon? The Virginia Department of Transportation, apparently. DOH!) heading up to Long Island, NY. Thanks to said traffic jam, got to our destination just before midnight.

Close To You


Tonight’s The Night (no, not a promo for the show, lol)

Episode 2 mp3s (9.5 MB)



Episode 1, Airdate 7/09/11

Here we go. The first episode just aired a few hours ago, and as promised, here are JB’s first 3 performance clips. Assuming the intro will be the same each week (with the exception of John’s suit, that is, which I’m sure will be a different sparkly color each week), so will include the intro for just the first ep of the season. :)

Just a note: The Episode 2 and 3 clips will be delayed by a few weeks. Going up to New York and New Hampshire for vacation starting next Saturday, will be gone the entire week so will have to play catch up on two weeks of episodes after I get back.

Intro/I Gotta Feeling





Episode 1 mp3s (12.43 MB)



Tonight’s The Night Season 3 Trailer

In case you’ve been living under a rock like those Geico commercial guys, the new series begins airing Saturday, July 9th, at, I believe 7:10pm UK time. I’d have to check my time conversion app to be 100% sure, but I think for us folks on the other side of the Pond who live on the East Coast, that would make it at 2:10pm Saturday afternoon if we wanted to tune in via the BBC1 website.

A trailer for the new season has appeared online, so naturally had to snag it, convert it into something streamable, and add it to the site. Hence the addition of a new TTN Season 3 page, in addition to my Season 1 and Season 2 pages.

Will probably do like I did last year, and include JB’s performance videos from the show here as well.

Hoping for another “Behind the Scenes” clip like JB did last year for Season 2 (although note to JB: if you know they’re going to be filming, please wear a shirt that they DON’T have to censor-blur every time it appears on screen this time. :D )



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