John Barrowman: “Tonight’s The Night” Season 2

John Barrowman: “Tonight’s The Night” Season 2


New Videos Added 8/29/10

Two performance videos from S02E07:

You’ve Got A Friend

Don’t Rain On My Parade

New Videos Added 8/22/10

Two performance videos from S02E05:

I was otherwise occupied last weekend so didn’t get a chance to render out the videos to Episode 5 until THIS weekend. So you get double videos this weekend, with Episode 5 AND Episode 6. (Since I had 4 performances to edit and add, I didn’t make my usual edits to the first song of each show, so you’ve got the whole segment unedited this time.)

Enjoy! :)

For Once In My Life:



And two performance videos from S02E06:

She’s the One:


Gloria Estefan Medley:


Since people kind of got a kick out of seeing him on the show,
Playing “Where’s Waldo” to find Scott in the audience (many thanks to Lori and Laurie for pointing him out :) ):


Tonight’s The Night BBC Exclusive Interview

For some reason this one didn’t render out to FLV as clearly as usual, maybe the original source media wasn’t as clear as usual. But it gets the job done, I think. :)

New Videos Added 8/9/10

Two performance videos from S02E04:

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough:


The World’s Greatest:


Two performance videos from S02E01:

Hey, did he get a haircut since the first episode? :)


Let’s Get Loud:

Sorry about the quality of this one. For some reason it came out much more pixelly than the rest (although the video itself is not as bad as the screencap would suggest. If I can wrangle up a better version, I’ll replace it…)


New Videos Added 8/2/10

Two more performance videos from S02E03:

Uptown Girl:

And You To Me Are Everything:

New Videos Added 7/25/10

Got a wee bit behind in adding these videos, so here’s the balance of what I recorded the week or so before Tonight’s The Night started to air. Please note that the megaupload links are only good for 90 days past the last time someone downloads them, so if you want to keep the links working, keep downloading! :)

“Attention All Passengers… Your Air Fabulous Flight has landed. And Chief Steward, Francis Strider, has nothing to declare… but his teeth…”

The preview video for the show:


A “Behind the Scenes” look at Tonight’s The Night at BBC Scotland:

John, if you know they’re going to be filming, maybe wear a t-shirt that they’re NOT going to have to censor out through the whole thing!?! But if you don’t wear a shirt like that, who WILL? LOL. :D

My original mpg2 download (192.38 MB) can be found here:

Two performance videos from S02E02:

Not quite sure what I’m doing with Tonight’s the Night yet, how much of it I’m going to include here. Have yet to see either of the first two episodes in their entirety, and not 100% sure what I think about the show yet. Don’t have anything ready from the first episode to include here, and have only uploaded the two songs from episode two, but thought since they were already uploaded, I’d go ahead and include them here before I go to bed, since I seem to be on a bit of an update roll tonight. :)

Lean On Me


Rule The World

Liked the dance part of this. It looked like something that Mia Michaels would choreograph. Love her contemporary stuff… :)

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