Talk Show Appearances

Again, have a backlog of these too, over on the other site, so until I can get them moved here, you can still find the older videos on my site here.

[Other site is officially off the grid, so will eventually move some of the older stuff here.]

Added June 13, 2012:

JB and Carole on Morning Blend 6/12/12 – Clip 1

I know I usually use mp4s, but I was able to wrangle the original flv files off the Morning Blend site, and since re-rendering flv files can make for some lousy mp4s, decided to just leave them as is and not reconvert them. Hopefully they’ll play okay here.


JB and Carole on Morning Blend 6/12/12 – Clip 2

His first time performing while NOT in a suit? Really?

Morning Blend Clip 1 [80.6mb]
Morning Blend Clip 2 [97.2mb]


JB on The Brit List on BBCA 6/12/12

Captured this with my PC while it it was recording to my DVR. MAY go back and recapture off the DVR instead of the live footage, not real happy about the quality of what I got this time. This is the JB edit, runs 3:41.

And I personally think JB and Scott got robbed, THEY should have been on the list for Britain’s Sexiest Couple. :D

Brit List – JB Edit [RT 3:41; 46.3mb]


Added April 30, 20120 – The One Show 4/27/12
JB’s Indian name is now “Howls With Wolves” ;-)

 The One Show MP4

Saturday Kitchen Best Bites – BBC1

From sometime back in March, when was it, the 25th? Just realized tonight when I was putting up the One Show clip, that I’d uploaded Best Bites, and never put it on the page. My bad. :) Anyway, here it is.

Best Bites MP4


Added March 5, 2012 – More4
TV Book Club with John & Carole – Barrowman Edit

This is from when J & C were on TV Book Club this afternoon (well, it was this afternoon HERE, lol). Tried to capture it live, but More4 apparently only has an On Demand player, just for playing back shows AFTER they’ve aired. And in this case, LOOOONG after they’ve aired, as of this moment, they’ve still not added this afternoon’s show to their OnDemand player. Good thing I’ve got other sources. :D Anyway, original footage ran about 23 minutes, the Barrowman edit runs just under 10. Nice interview about Hollow Earth to start off the show, then edited to include just when John or Carole were discussing some of the OTHER books that were being covered during the show. Carole especially, not surprising, seemed to be very much in her element, critiquing the books in question, and had a good amount of screen time this time. Edited out pretty much all of the bits where they were just smiling and nodding at the other folks comments.  


BarrowmanEdit_TVBookClub_030412.mp4 (RT: 9:50 – 88.7MB – local link)



Added February 19, 2012 – ITV1
JB Co-hosting This Morning – Full show, JB Edit

(Is that an oxymoron, calling it the JB edit of the full show? Since the very fact that it’s the JB edit means that it’s NOT the full show anymore. LOL Oh well.) Had these edited and uploaded last night, but had some other non-JB related stuff to handle today, namely doing my taxes. (Not an awful way to spend the afternoon, when you know that when all is said and done, one has a sizable little refund coming their way from the Feds. Nice that they’re good for something, lol. :) )

Anyhoo, this is JB’s co-hosting gig from This Morning on Friday. It’s the JB edit, so pretty much anything that was completely Barrow-free got deleted, anything that he was involved in or commenting on should still be there. I divvied it up into 5 parts to make streaming and/or downloading a bit more manageable than just uploading the entire show. But I broke it up at commercial breaks, so it should flow fairly well anyway. Please forgive the edges, sometimes framing the video gets a bit off. :-O

ThisMorning_1.mp4 (RT 12:13; 136mb)
ThisMorning_2.mp4 (RT 12:01; 134mb)
ThisMorning_3.mp4 (RT 15:39; 175mb)
ThisMorning_4.mp4 (RT 13:36; 152mb)
ThisMorning_5.mp4 (RT 09:11; 103mb)

Added February 17, 2012 – ITV1
JB Co-hosting This Morning – Behind The Scenes

Haven’t QUITE worked out how to handle the fact that John, as co-host, was onscreen for nearly the entire 2 hours (the unedited replay is clocking in at nearly 1.5 hrs) that this show aired, that’s an awfully long video file to stream, although it IS doable. So while I’m figuring that out, I also captured the much shorter Behind the Scenes clip, and that one is much easier to deal with and get uploaded tonight. Hey, just noticed… same sweatshirt behind the scenes as JB wore on stage for Alan Titchmarsh. :)

Loved the dramatic music they put in it, so suspenseful, lol. And you heard the man, NO farting! :D

JB_ThisMorning_BTS_021712.mp4 (RT 3:39, 40.4mb – local link)


Added February 16, 2012 – Channel 5:
JB & Carole on Live With Gabby, 2/15/12

“Gimme the chocolate and banana rice pudding!” JB looks to be saying. ;-) Does Gabby spend that much time on food EVERY episode? If so, good thing JB’s not on there all the time, he made, what, THREE (?) food runs during the segment on what to do with leftovers, lol. And there was a pic of a pooch named “Barrowman”. And a guy doing magic tricks (“Can you make my sister disappear?”). Oh, and maybe they might have mentioned Hollow Earth on occasion. ;-) This is the Barrowman edit, chopped down to just under 16 minutes.

And if I thought editing this one was a lot of fun, editing JB on This Morning tomorrow will be even funner-er, since he’s guest hosting. Does that mean he’ll be on the entire 2 hours!?! :-O I know what =I’LL= be editing this weekend!

Live With Gabby_Barrowman Edit_021512.mp4 (15:46, 174mb – local link)


Added February 15, 2012 – ITV1
The Alan Titchmarsh Show – Barrowman Edit

Yay, this show actually allowed enough time to have John AND Carole on the show, unlike the show last week that barely allowed enough time for even John at the end. But that’s showbiz! ;-)

Barrowmans_AlanTitchmarsh_021412.mp4 (RT 9:53, 109mb – local link)

February 6, 2012 – ITV1
This Morning – The JB Edit

Was it supposed to be both John and Carole on the show, and they ended up having to just go with John due to them putting him on the air later than scheduled? Seemed like it was a bit rushed, and they took him right to the credits.

JohnBarrowman_ITV_ThisMorning_020612.mp4 (RT 5:27, 60.4mb – local link)


February 3, 2012 – BBC1
The One Show – The JB Edit

John was on the show promoting his appearance in Hustle, and with sis Carole, promoting their new book Hollow Earth. To shrink down the file size a bit, edited out the segments that didn’t pertain to him directly, but left in the parts where he was a visible viewer of what was happening on stage that didn’t necessarily involve him. Reaction shots can be half the fun, like some of his expressions when the magician was on stage. :D And liked his introduction – he’s apparently a ‘fizzy fancy pants’. LOL.


Barrowmans_OneShow_020312.mp4 (RT 23:40; 378 mb; local link)

7 comments on “Talk Show Appearances

  1. Thank you so much, Karen, for your editing and posting. You have made lifeas a John Barrowman fan here in the states ever so much easier.

    • You’re very welcome. :) I swear, us (we?) stateside JB fans would just be SO out of the loop if it weren’t for the internet. Now if we could just get him to book tour HERE…

  2. Thank you so much for posting these, besides the BBc 1 and BBc2 I cannot see any in Holland and a lot of the sites they are on are blocked for viewing outside the UK…
    I enjoyed it very much, John is such a character and I love his sister.

  3. You are the best! Spent a lovely morning watching these, I am also in the US and couldn’t get them easily on my own. But you do make it way too easy to procrastinate – now I’m late for work! I blame John though, not you. :)

  4. Hun… You are the bestest !!! :)

    I’m downloading all the JB Edits for viewing later. Haven’t had much time to log on of late and have a lot of catching up to do.

    You are my official go to gal for all things JB :) Very much looking forward to the 2011 tour DVD.

    *hugs and kisses*

  5. I can’t believe I have only just found this wonderful site – I have spent so much time trying to do similar things myself – no where near as well!

    Thanks you heaps and heaps for all these wonderful resources, and I really look forward to seeing the old stuff moving over as I am now to late to look at the old website.

    Just burnt my DVD and can’t wait till I get home to watch it in our home cinema on the giant screen :)

    • Hated to let the old site go (I can reupload videos here, but I’d done two sets of tour pages for JB’s last 2 tours that will be next to impossible to recreate here *sob*), but after they said I’d gone over the limit of my “unlimited” account and waited to tell me until I was 13GB over the limit I didn’t know I had, I thought it was time to go elsewhere. So here we be. Glad you found the site! Will try to get more of the older stuff added again a little at a time. :)

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