John Barrowman on QVC

Was planning to stream these here anyway eventually, but the (temporary, hopefully) demise of Megaupload where I’d originally uploaded the mp4s is sort of speeding up the process a bit, since now all my download links there are dead. The MP4 links here actually link to the files themselves here on the site, so they shouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon. You know what to do with them, right? The ole Right Click Save As works great. :)

April 11th, 2012 @ 3pm

Once again, JB was on QVC while I was at work, and all my geek capture toys were on my home PC so had to resort to getting the Watch Again videos off the QVC site after work. Got all of the first clip, then the second clip quit on me about half way through, and suddenly the view again section was BLANK, no listings for ANYTHING. Then when it finally came up later in the evening, they’d already rolled over into the next day’s (UK time) post midnight clips. Had no idea how to go about getting the missing clip, so ended up just googling, came into the site from another direction and found the clip that way. I consolidated the two clips into one video, since it looked like the second one overlapped with the first very nicely, but still have no idea if they edited anything out from the live broadcast. So what we get is what we get. :)

Had this uploaded and ready for several days, but hadn’t had time to put it on the site yet. Had a request for it, so stayed up tonight to get it on the page. This one is for Claire. Enjoy, he looks REALLY good. But then, you already knew that, right? ;)



February 17, 2012

4:00pm ET

Alas, tried to catch this one live, had it, but it was taking so long to process after the fact I had to crash the program so I could turn off the PC to leave, and lost the original capture. So combined the two Watch Again clips into a single clip, and what there is, there is. Have no idea if the entire live show is there, HAD it on in the background, but was working at the time, so wasn’t able to drool over – I mean watch it – as closely as I would have liked. :)

Ick. Looks like I caught the window edges again. Hate it when that happens, SRY.

JB_QVC_Replay_022012.mp4 (RT 17:06, 87mb)

[*snigger.* Still have “I’m John Barrowman” lodged firmly in my head.]

January 12, 2012

4:00AM ET

Started capturing this on my PC at 4am, went back to bed, got up my usual time and shut the recording off at 6:30, had it edited down and uploaded to MU by the time I finished my half hour bike ride playing Plants vs Zombies. :D Felt like the multi tasking queen. LOL.

JB_QVC_011212_4am.mp4 118MB

8:00AM ET

JB timed his 2nd appearance JUST right this morning, and finished up at 8:30, just in time for me to stop recording the feed, turn off the PC and still make it to work on time, courtesy of a LOT of green lights! LOL

JB_QVC_011212_8am.mp4 119MB


September 11, 2011

JB on QVC and ITV1 promoting his new skincare line HIM. FINALLY, a video that I didn’t have to set an alarm for 3am to deal with. He’ll be on QVC again at 4am and 1pm ET for those who missed him tonight during prime time. :)

Anyone else notice the cross promotion of the new CD during the show? :D

JB_QVC_091111.mp4 121MB


4:00AM ET

Had MUCH fun putting this one together. DID get up in plenty of time to record the pitch on QVC, but didn’t realize until 8 minutes in that audio in the QVC window was still off from when I muted it in favor of watching the ITV1 footage the night before, so while I got video from the start, had ZERO audio until about 8-9 minutes into it. The good news? QVC put up the videos from that segment on their watch again area of the site, so I was able to get them that way. The bad news was that they’d split the single feed into 2 segments (HIM & the Best of CD) and then cut the replay of John singing Owe It All To You off right in the middle of it. AND the videos were in 4:3, not widescreen like they’d aired in the AM. :-P

Fortunately hacking up video and audio is what I do, so long story short, managed to pull the audio from the 4:3 footage and sync it to the video of what I’d captured in the morning, resulting in JB’s full 23 minute segment, with full audio, in the order it aired (HIM, CD, HIM), in wide screen. Sweet! :)

JB_QVC_091211_4am_full.mp4 163MB


1:00PM ET

This one, well, I was at work when it aired, so there wasn’t much I could do so far as capturing it live. So this is the 4:3 version of what was on the QVC watch again area for John’s afternoon set. At least I was able to pick it up that way. Gets the job done. :) Hmm… same blue shirt as the night before, John? No matter, looks just as great the second time around. ;-)

JB_QVC_091211_1pm.mp4 65.2MB


September 5, 2011

Was hanging out watching the last four hours of Palladia’s Glastonbury 2011 specials upstairs with the fiance while this was on, so haven’t really seen it yet, just watched enough last night to edit off the non JB footage off the front and back, and split out the two performances as separate clips. LOVE that he sang one of the new songs “I Owe It All To You” this time, that one is a great addition to the “Best Of” CD, it’s just fantastic fantastic fantastic. :D

These are from the screen capture that I did; I also captured the live stream as an FLV at the same time, which looks great, but the audio captured at a different speed than the video, go figure. So the screen capture it is.

Barrowman_QVC_090511.mp4 374MB

I Owe It All To You

Barrowman_QVC_OweItAll_090511.mp4 31.4MB

One Night Only

Barrowman_QVC__OneNightOnly_090511.mp4 32.2MB


Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

Had to pull this one from the live internet feed, so the audio sync is a little off in spots, and I think one of the performance videos ended up a bit pixelly due to web traffic, but one gets what one gets here in the US. :) QVC was kind enough to YouTube the four performance videos, so will include their YouTube videos here as well.

QVC Thanksgiving 2010_JBedit.mp4 209MB


QVC You Tube Videos

(Be sure to hover over the player & click the playlist button to choose which of the four YouTube videos (One Night Only, Time After Time, Made It Through The Rain, Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You) you want to play.


Have a few more QVC’s but they still need to be reuploaded to the server here, will be adding them later.


5 comments on “JB on QVC

  1. Hi,

    I LOVE your page and was wondering if you had JB on QVC on the 11th April?

    If you do could you please upload it as I missed it when it aired.


    • Ask and ye shall receive. It’s up! :)

      Unfortunately, it’s the watch again version, since he was on while I was at work, but guessing they didn’t miss much, if anything.

  2. Hi there
    Thanks for the 11th April QVC (which I watched at work but couldn’t listen to as my work computer doesn’t have sound) but any reason why there isn’t a download link like the others have? Ditto for the “Watson & Oliver” behind the scenes clip?

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