John Barrowman at NC Comicon Durham NC


Carolina Theatre NC Comicon

NC Comicon, Durham, NC – November 15-16, 2014

Full disclosure: I was a Comicon Virgin. Yes, this was my first personal experience with actual attending a comicon of any kind. I like my occasional sci-fi movie or series, but have never been into graphic novels or super hero stuff, so always figured I wouldn’t find enough at a con to make it worth the money for admission. And after attending the con this weekend in Durham, I found that I would have been correct.

Except! For the first time in their 5 year existence, this year, the folks at NC Comicon brought in a big name celebrity in John Barrowman. And apparently, after it was announced that he was coming to the con this year, their ticket sales went through the roof.

I already had plans for Comicon weekend – tickets to the Atlanta/Panthers football game in Charlotte – but as soon as I heard that JB was going to attending this year, I immediately contacted Fiance regarding finding a home for said football tickets. Ended up listing them on Stubhub, and due to my undercutting everyone else’s prices by about $20 (but still charged enough that I didn’t lose money on the deal), had a buyer for them in less than 24 hours. I love Stubhub. :)

Of course had I known how much more I was going to have to pay over the cost of admission to do everything I wanted to do at Comicon, in retrospect I SHOULD have charged more for the football tickets.

Sticker Shock

I was too cheap to get the VIP admission, but did spring for the very reasonably priced two day weekend pass. And once I confirmed that Fiance wanted to attend as well, bought the 2nd two day pass for him. So far so good.

THEN the information started to fly regarding the available extras. First the John Barrowman Photo Shoots: $50 each. The JB Autographs: $40 each. The JB Meet and Greet: $150! A credit card with plenty of available credit: PRICELESS. Finding out how much the “extras” cost at a comicon, made me uber-glad that I never made the trek down to Atlanta for their DragonCon, or *faints* the really Big One in San Diego. Between the travel, the lodging, and the extras, it would have put me so far into debt I’d never have gotten out of it, lol.

Anyhoo, after finding out which of those various and sundry extras that Fiance did and did not want to pay for, ended up getting myself 2 photo shoots: one Saturday, and as a backup in case Saturday’s came out really bad (I have this tendancy to blink very easily), one on Sunday. And after making a deal with myself that I’d make up for it by NOT doing any of the autograph sessions, paid the $150 for the Meet and Greet as well. Credit card meltdown! But I figured this was my first opportunity to actually meet JB, and given that unless I had a really spectacular time at Comicon, likely my only one of those unless he came back again next year, so I thought I’d best do it up right.

Waiting for the first Q and A Saturday Morning


Saturday Morning Q and A Panel With John


Saturday Evening “Meet and Greet” (actually a Q and A) With John


Sunday Afternoon Q & A Panel With John and Carole


Various and Sundry Comicon Photos


Various and Sundry Comicon Memorabilia

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