Everything I Need To Know On Jeopardy, I Can Apparently Learn from John Barrowman

Everything I Need to Know on Jeopardy,
I Can Apparently Learn from John Barrowman :)

Discovered that I had quite an accumulation of DejaJohn Moments that stemmed from watching Jeopardy every night, from things that just reminded me of him, to answers that I would never have known had I not discovered him on Torchwood then discovered he could sing.

So thank you, JB, for making me a much more well rounded educated person.  ;-)

Even if I DID crash and burn in a brilliant blaze of glory when I failed the online Jeopardy test earlier this year. LOL :D


*Harumph!* Why can’t they ALL be this wide? I think they look much better this way.
Twitter must have changed something in their formatting. :-(


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