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Ever since I first discovered John’s music a few years back, songs that he’s done seem to keep popping up here, there, and everywhere. I’ve taken to calling them my “Deja John” moments when I have them, ’cause it’s always “where have I just heard that song, oh YEAH, JOHN did it!” Never mind that someone else has written them, or sung them, or made them popular years ago, the songs have become all his. :)
But wherever you go, there he is, it seems like. :D The man is turning up everywhere. Must be like when you buy a new car; it seems like the car you bought, suddenly they’re all over the road, you see everyone driving them. JB’s music is becoming like that.
Started a thread over on the JB newsgroup along these lines, and it was eventually killed off and reborn as it’s own Twitter account. Check out the widget to the left to get an idea of what I mean.
Also been finding a lot of NON song things reminding me of JB as well; had a whole page of those at the old site, will gradually bring those over here since many are just too wordy to fit into Twitter’s 140 character limit.
Starting with a clip (which DOES happen to be song related, actually :) ) from…
… a BBC show called Not Going Out. Never seen this show (which is apparently in its 5th season?), but this DJM was point out to me by @GoldenShimmer over on Twitter, and I found myself LOLing over it, and KNEW that it belonged on this page. :D Daniel Boys and John Barrowman they are not, but this rendition of “I Know Him So Well” is well worth having a giggle over.
May have to start watching this show now.





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  1. I was surprised to see our names this morning an have no idea how to write to you. There were duplicates on the Jackfest talks but I probably just left tham in on the discs. This was before we had Dropbox! We were SO lucky to get something special about or from John and I honestly thought you’d all get them with the Hallo Australia omitted or changed. I guess you have all there was because I would have snet it to Zena who has shared so much with us. I don’t feel guilty because we buy all we can of John’s and then donate to his charities. Anne from Oz

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