First of the Two John Barrowman Unofficial Tour DVDs Is Done!

Jan 2, 2012 by

First of the Two John Barrowman
Unofficial Tour DVDs Is Done!

I tested it out at my fiance’s house this weekend, and it worked great. So the only dvd player out of the four that I tested it on that didn’t like it was my Toshiba HD DVD player. The other three played it back just fine and as expected. So am going under the assumption that the problem is with a tempermental player and not the disc, so figure at least disc 1 of the set is ready to make available to people.

Now, the question is HOW?

The easiest way would be to just torrent the DVD. I’ve shared three other full finished dvds (3 one hour U2 concerts that I’ve shot, that after 3 years, people are STILL downloading, all over the world, very kewl. :) ) that I’ve done online before, and the easiest way to deal with sharing a full sized menu’d finished DVD is to torrent it, then you just burn the downloaded files to DVD. However, based on what I’ve gathered from over at LJ and Twitter, not a lot of people in the JB universe do much with torrent files. So before I spend a lot of time figuring out how and where to share the JB DVDs, I need to make sure that people will download it that way. But that would be MY preferred way to get it to you since it means you all would just download it directly from my PC (and once you’ve downloaded it, hopefully would seed it as well, so everyone’s downloads would go faster) and I wouldn’t have to upload the entire thing anywhere. 

Option 2: Rarring and uploading to someplace like MegaUpload: That would be my second choice. The trick is it would be in multiple parts, and you would have to download ALL the parts, then unzip them, then burn the resulting files to DVD, for the DVD to work. But that’s usually pretty easy to do. Downside? Lots of uploading for me, and not everyone uses WinRar. If I go this route, WinRar it will be. :)

Option 3: Uploading the individual MPG2 files and you author your own DVDs from those. Don’t even really want to go this route, you miss out on the whole DVD design (and the menus have music and everything, hate to have you miss out on THAT! :) ) that way, plus I’m sure some folks might want this and some folks might want the complete WinRar’d DVD, and I’m sure not going to upload them both ways, not going to happen, wouldn’t be prudent. ;-) But did want to put that out as a POSSIBLE option, depending on the feedback I get.

Option 4: I dupe and mail the DVDs to you. That is truly a LAST resort, reserved for only the folks who don’t have the equipment on their PCs to burn a DVD. The intent was to share this completely free of charge, since y’all were the ones who made it possible in the first place, but for mailing, I’d have to charge for the discs, packaging and mailing, and I really don’t want to get involved with that unless absolutely necessary. Already have two people that I’ve agreed to ship the finished discs to, would LOVE to keep it at just those two folks, thank you veddy much. :) And also, that will wait until I’ve got BOTH DVDs finished, whereas going the download or torrent route, I can start sharing the one that’s finished now.

So now I need input. If ever there was a time to leave me comments here on the JB blog, now would be it. :) Let me know what you think. And if there’s other ways to share it that I’ve completely spaced out on, please let me know, definitely open to suggestions.

But gotta say, the fiance is NOT a huge JB fan, and even HE sat down and watched all of DVD1 without too much prompting, I think mostly just to see what his geeky fiance has been working so hard on the last several months. LOL. I think he was impressed by the end result, if I might say so myself. I think he even farted a sparkle or two by the end of the night. So if you’re liking how the mp4 files look, either streaming or downloaded from the website, just wait til you see them on a TV. I nearly squee’d my pants when I saw them on my TV for the first time. ;-) Youze guys shot some GREAT stuff.

So talk to me, folks, let me know the bestest and easiest way to share this! :)



25 comments on “First of the Two John Barrowman Unofficial Tour DVDs Is Done!

  1. Test 4

    I think it was a quirky plugin. Deactivated it and I think comments work now. Sorry folks! DOH!

  2. I’m not one who uses Torrent; but I realize majority rules. You’ve got to do what’s going to be best/easiest for you.

  3. Okay, lotsa techy words. I sorta kinda know what torrenting might mean, but never heard of WinRar.
    But I know that you’ve done a big job, so do whatevs the simplest for you. If you include very thorough
    instructions (really, step by step) how to do…whatever it is that we have to do to get the goodies ( and you’re
    prepared to answer silly tech-support questions), the torrenting thing could work! Thanx anyway!

  4. Ok, I try here again… :)
    First of all, thank you for your hard work. Your page alone is a joy, but a DVD, there are no words… Really.
    Personally I would go with your offered option 2, just for the fact that I used it quite often before. I have no experience with option 1 and would not know wether I could work it, but can be quite flexible… :D
    I can’t wait for your decision, thanks again! xxx

  5. I vote torrent please. Certainly not winrar cos my mac hates it!

    Also being cheeky I don’t really want to edit the MPG2 files. I’ve been avoiding editing my own waiting for yours – which is bound to be better than anything I could so…

  6. I never use torrent but I can learn (if someone gives me simple instructions). It seems that is the easyest way. The other options looks complicated for you.

  7. I agree with the simple instructions for torrents. Want to do what is easiest for you for sure, but am NOT the most computer literate. Thank You for doing this!

  8. Am not computer literate. If I could get someone to help me out with either of your options that would be great. Failing that I’d go for your last option (sorry I know it’s your least favourite. Thanks for doing all this. xx

  9. A DVD would be a brilliant. Was sad John wasn’t able to have a DVD for last years tour. I can fully understand the reason he was unable to do so. Fantabulous you for producing one and your willing to share even more fantastico!
    A torrent file would be good, I’m not an expert in torrents only to click on them and download the files. might help. maybe.
    WinRar not happy on my Mac either. So a torrent would be fantabulous. Could you let me know if you have good news.
    good luck and kind regards

  10. First I want to say that your post in the JB comm just stops with […], instead of a link to the whole thing. I came here by clicking onto the comments instead.

    Second, it has been said before, but I want to say it again – you are awesome. I can’t even imagine how much work this took, and I salivate at the thought of a menu with music and things. Seriously. If I remember, I shall make a picture of our group of friends watching, and send it to you. Just so that you know the joy you spread all over the world.

    Third, I am with the people that never have torrented anything before, but maybe I just don’t know the word? Downloading from your server – that’s like going to a friend’s FTP server, putting in a password and having access? I’m sure if you give proper instructions people will be fine, and I also think whatever works best for you. However, I also don’t have any problems with using megaupload and Winrar.

  11. Sorry, me again. Hope I did not confuse you, the JB comm post is actually fine, I hadn’t realized I was looking at your own LJ. Looks a bit weird on my friends list, but does not really matter, don’t worry.

  12. I’ve never worked with torrent before, but I will try it if I must :) I would really like to just have you do a disc for me and pay you for it, but I realize that’s a serious pain for you :(

  13. Personally I’d prefer it to be uploaded to MU as I wouldn’t know the first thing about torrents. Thanks for doing this. X

  14. Hi, Karen, thank you so much for doing this! It’s so kind and generous of you. I’d prefer option 1 or option 2. Option 3 is not good for me, I’m lousy at authoring DVDs. And option 4 seems like too much trouble on both ends. I use 7-zip instead of WinRar, it’s free and works with virtually any type of archives.

  15. Sorry my English is not good, but I really want to get this DVD! I can use torrent and I am willing to keep seeding. Don’t know I can get it?
    Thank you very much!

  16. my concern with torrents is that they are usually associated with ‘illegal’ download sites, which I avoid. Also I read somewhere that my ISP strangles torrents.

    So I would prefer option 2

    • Not planning on sharing to any of the “illegal” d/l sites, although, if it ends up there and you d/l just that from there, it’s definitely safe and legal. :) Did bookmark info on how to do a private torrent, so will attempt that first, to keep it off the pirate sites. And there are sites that are all about just sharing LEGAL files, was looking into that too. So have a few options. :)

  17. Torrent Please.. A friend helped me to get ready for this torrent so I’m a happy camper just need to stay at another friend’s house for their internet connection. :-)

  18. I’ve never tried to burn a DVD, so I have no idea what to answer or if I even have the proper equipment. But I do so want the concert. I guess I’ll have to second what Snowebunny said.