More new John Barrowman Tour Page additions

Dec 14, 2011 by

More new Tour Page additions

Sorry these are coming so slowly lately. I’ve been on an anti-inflamatory to see if it helps fix whatever the heck I did to my shoulders a few weeks ago while I was raking leaves, and one of the side effects is drowsiness. Between taking those and my 5:30AM wakeup call for work the last few weeks, I’ve not been awake enough during my usual editing hours to actually edit anything.

But now I’m back to my 6:30AM wakeup call again, and tonight anyway, didn’t take the meds until nearly bedtime, so thought I could get a little done before they kicked in.

And voila! Two more uploads: Celebration, and the Eurovision Medley! Uploaded to the tour page here.

John Barrowman Tour - Celebration pic

John Barrowman Tour - Eurovision Medley pic

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