@Team_Barrowman Virtual Tour ’11 & Site Additions

Nov 21, 2011 by

Virtual Tour ’11 & Site Additions

The Weekend Update

Got a lot done this weekend, not enough room to include it all in a 140 character tweet, so thought I’d do a short blogpost, and kill two birds with one stone: see if both the auto tweet function and the LJ cross post function work on the BarrowBlog.

The Tour Site:

  • Finished up the Venue info for Week Six, what there was of it, only a couple of venues left with the tour nearly over
  • YouTube Videos for Bridlington (1), Manchester 10/30 (1), Cardiff (1) (it’s another of Scott singing Rhinestone Cowboy, y’all REALLY like that one! Wonder why? :D ), Birmingham 11/14 (1), Manchester 11/15 (7), Swindon (1) (Yes! Finally got the September/Holiday Medley! The set list on YouTube is COMPLETE!)
  • Birmingham Concert Review. They don’t specify, but since it’s dated 11/18, assuming it’s for the concert on the 17th, NOT the one on the 14th.

And over here at the new JB site:

  • Season 3 of Tonight’s The Night has been completely moved over from the old site, including a new clip from the “Best Of” show that aired 11/12/11.
  • And it’s the return of DejaJohn Moments, both back on its own page, as well as it’s own widget in the sidebar. Y’all know me, I’m just a sucker for those website widgety things. :D
  • Been moving files around all day, have downloaded the Season 1 and Season 2 TTN clips from the old site, as well as all the stray videos from the main video page there, so once I get those uploaded to back to the new site, will get more pages relocated here ASAP.

So things are moving right along! Enjoy!

And as always, if anything is broken, please let me know. Usually pretty on top of things, but not everything carries over properly during a move.


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